Homemade Donuts

Can’t you just feel your arteries clogging?

Yea me too, but it’s so worth it. I was on a kick one day to find some new recipes. Oddly enough I think I was looking up some healthy dinner options for me and Firefighter (FF). Somehow through a bizarre chain of opened tabs on my browser I stumbled upon this glorious recipe. While there are literally tons of blogs and bakers who have posts dedicated to these donuts I stumbled upon Bakingdom first so she gets credit and her blurb about the warm fuzzy memories these brought up for her made me feel… well warm and fuzzy.

However, I refuse to use Pillsbury dough. Nothing against the Doughboy but after Grandma Ruth, God rest her soul, taught me her recipe at 15 I’ve never looked back. I’d love to give you the recipe but she, like most Grandma’s with recipes, didn’t measure. I’ll have to dedicate another post, with lots of pictures, to how she rolled. I’m puntastic.

Back to the donuts. Like most people after the holidays, FF and I are trying to eat a little healthier… but screw it. These donuts are shit simple and the pictures looked so good! Inspired and hungry, I heated up my cast-iron skillet, worked my dough, and started frying. It only took one donut for me to realize if you try to coat them with sugar fresh out of the pan its creates sugar goo. Still good, mind you, but not initially what I was hoping for. After you let them cool, the powered sugar and cinnamon sticks wonderfully and had the texture I was looking for. These went great with coffee that morning and although I felt a little guilty for adding a donut to my morning coffee for the next few days, it’s still going to be better for you than Dunkin’ or Krispy.

And there is nothing like homemade.


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