Reclaimed Wood Headboard

After recreating my blog on WordPress I was inspired to look around other blogs and search for some projects. The second I landed on this site I knew I had to try it. I found the tutorial from a blog, from a blog, from a blog, before I finally landed on the original, Ana White. After finding the headboard post I stalked her site a bit and found some great stuff. I definitely recommend. She offers tons of free tutorials.

Back to the headboard. I was a little nervous because the project sounds tedious and intimidating but the most difficult part was getting the wood cut at HomeDepot. The project tooth to tail ended up costing about $120 which is more expensive than the site quotes for the full-sized headboard but I think it’s because I chose pine instead of the pressure treated wood (edit: my handy coworker Jim informs me pressure treated wood can be expensive too, it must have been the grade of pine we chose). Also the directions call for screws and a pocket hole jig, I ended up returning the extra supplies, they were unnecessary. My mom helped me and we did this Amish style with just nails and wood glue.


I did my best to take pictures as we went but I kind of dropped the ball. Here we have the basic frame completed and we’re adding the middle boards. They aren’t attached here we were just lining them up to get an idea.


Here’s my mom nailing her side after a layer of wood glue. Once we figured out how it was going to be set up it was incredibly easy. I found the idea last week and asked my folks if I could use their house as home base. I’ve already tried to kick out one DIY that required hammering and it resulted in our downstairs neighbors calling the cops.


We tackled this project on Sunday afternoon and my forearms are still sore from all the hammering!


The headboard is almost done here. One issue we did run into was a few warped boards. I think it adds to the rustic-ness but the top and final board was so warped we had to find longer nails (2 1/2 inch finish nails) to better secure the bowed board on top. Of course the warped one was the 2×4 so getting those nails in was pretty exhausting.


Finally finished with the construction! Now it just needs a layer of stain. It’s hardwood so it’s quite heavy but seems sturdy enough on the legs.


Kona dog trying to help. I had Kona and my parent’s two dogs running around, sniffing and wrestling. It was certainly a distraction, my mom thinks we get extra brownie points for dealing with the zoo.


Here is the completed product (with Snoopy lurking in the background)! I wasn’t sure what kind of stain I wanted. I prefer darker stain but I can never decide and I always second guess myself. I fumigated the piss out of my parent’s basement getting the stain on and I wanted to come back for another coat but my folks convinced me to stay with the one coat. I’m glad they talked me into it, I think it looks very Restoration Hardware. The height ended up being 56 1/2 which was just barely too long to fit into my parents SUV to get it back to my apartment so my dad cut a few inches off the bottom. It’s a tall headboard anyway so a few inches didn’t make a difference, it’s still quite the statement piece.


Here’s the full effect in the guestroom! The headboard goes great with my new quilt, I’m so glad I stayed with one layer of stain. Kona seems to love it too. The project took up a Sunday afternoon and even though it was more expensive than I thought (and too big for the frame) I’m incredibly happy with the end result.

We still haven’t attached it to the bed frame so it’s leaning against the window frame here. The headboard is actually about three inches too wide. Bummer. Upcoming project is to get FF to help me get some brackets to get the headboard secure. Because it’s so top heavy he’s a little worried the brackets won’t be enough. Any thought? What have you done for a top heavy headboard that didn’t include securing it to the wall?


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