Hello again again

While I haven’t been blogging I have certainly been kreating. (See what I did there?)

I’m in the middle of something pretty huge (for me anyway). My boyfriend and I recently received a lease renewal form for our apartment in Hoodbridge, VA which is all fine and dandy except that- surprise. Rent is going up over $200 a month. Bummer.

After much thought and deliberation we’ve decided our best and most frugal option is to move in to my parents basement. Bummer. Just kidding… but seriously kind of a bummer. Anyone that has even considered this option understands. I love my parents and we get along great (and they love FF) but it’s hard to have been out there on your own, successfully, with your own place and space, then to come back home with your tail between your legs. That’s not quite what we’re doing but that’s sure as shit how it feels.

Disclaimer. We could have afforded the rent increase but that would have made life and saving a little more difficult than they need to be. Also we did explore other living situations but a big part of what made finding a place so difficult is this cute fat face (see above), our Kona dog.

Most places in the area are incredibly strict with weight limits.

Additionally, we really want to save. And living in the DC Metro area (as anyone around here can tell you) is fucking expensive. One day I’d like to own a home and do so without having a $3500 mortgage. Sooo long story longer, we’re moving in.

However, before we start boxing up our shit and lugging it all down floor flights of stairs (thank you garden style apartments- never again) we have some renovations to do in the basement. My lovely and artistic older brother used to live downstairs. I say artistic because he’s in a band, Vicious Tides. And part of being in a heavy metal band means living the heavy metal life style \m/ (rock on).


What I’m getting at is… that basement has seen some shit. Those poor carpet floors have been through hell and those poor walls have been through many layers of spackle. Side note, like all great parents, mine are a little bit in denial as to all the things the basement’s been though. Needless to say we wanted to freshen things up a bit. We’re not quite done but here’s a sneak peak. Hopefully more to come soon- there’s still a few details that need to be taken care of before I dedicate an entire post to everything we’ve done.

basementbefore5  basementbefore4

Here are a few pics of the basement before. Even though I promised not to take cell phone pics I forgot my camera at the apartment and wanted to make sure we got some decent pictures before we got started. Fortunately all the furniture was moved out that weekend. My brother and his girlfriend finally found a permanent place in Richmond so they were able to take the remaining items.

basementbefore3  basementbefore

Just in case you didn’t get to see enough, in my last post where my mom and I made a reclaimed wood headboard, see here, you can see some of the basement in all its glory.

Stay tuned- it’s going to be a TV worthy makeover!!

Side note: the colors used were something my mom and I trashed the whole time we were repainting (and WE picked them!!) Hindsight is a bitch.


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