While I am so excited for the grand reveal, we’re not done yet.

I’m attaching a couple teaser photos throughout the post but we’re much further than it looks.

As I mentioned in my last post that basement has seen some shit. In fact my older brother giggled when he heard we were moving in. Thanks for the support, bro. While my parents would have been satisfied with simply slapping on a fresh coat of paint I was interested in a little bit more. First thing we did was paint the crusty blue walls. I chose Martha Stewart’s Tobacco Leaf.

I really like the soft tan the color appears to be in the swatch but was a little disappointed to find it took on a greenish hue in the basement light, That’s what I get for not testing it out on a wall first. And before you think it, it’s not the blue showing through as we used the premium shit that’s supposed to fix that. I think other reasons for the pea green and sometimes gold tint is the blue floors, and the piss poor lighting. I’ve received a little grief over my color choice but I’m slightly confident with different bulbs and new floors the color will correct itself.

I promise the paint color isn't this dark.

I promise the paint color isn’t this dark.

Additionally, and something I always forget, my folks have textured walls. Not sure if I mentioned that before. Unfortunately… is changes color like some shit. It’s never the same on the wall as it is on the swatch. This is a lesson we relearn every time we paint a wall in that house. But oh well, what can you do?

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

Once the walls were painted we ripped up the baseboards and tile carpet. This seems ass-backwards as remodeling goes but it took some convincing to get mom and dad to sign off on laminate. My dad is old school and it’s either hardwood or carpet for him. However even he was impressed by the displays at Home Depot, “that’s laminate??” This is what we ultimately decided on, thinking a darker color would compliment the tan walls. Also it was cheap. It is 7mm but we did our homework and decided that’s acceptable on existing cement floors.

Once I volunteered FireFighter (James, BTW) to handle the floors, I tackled the stairs, My biggest inspiration was this post by Remodelholic. I stumbled upon it like a year ago and I’ve been dying to do it to both sets of stairs in my parents house with no avail. Finally the opportunity presented itself.  I’m quite sure I was tearing up the carpet before I got an official “okay”.

I’m going to have to dedicate an entire post to the stairs. They deserve it and I can definitely offer some lessons learned. Maybe I can get James to celebrity a post on his laminate experience!


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