Bar Sign

While James and I are finishing up the basement here’s a quick blurb on another project I completed during Christmas time.

I was inspired to start this over the summer, and did, but really drug my feet when it came to completing it. I had sketched the whole thing out and painted portions of it but was afraid to complete it for fear I’d ruin what I’d done so far.

My inspiration came from a couple sources. Firstly, I’m all about supporting James with his career (he is equally supportive of mine). Additionally I recognize he’s going to want to decorate the place with firefighter paraphernalia so why not provide the decorative items?

What got me started on this project was Pottery Barn. Damn you Pottery Barn with your expensive, tasteful items. I created a bar out of an old desk (which I need to dedicate a post to) and was trying to figure out how to decorate and display it when I stumbled on this. Fell in love with the set up and got approval from James to start setting our bar table up this way.


I’m a little annoyed we’ve just barely got the sign mounted and one of the shelves up and we’re having to move. Isn’t that how it goes? You get your space perfect then it’s time to pack up.

Mentally designing off the Pottery Barn picture I was determined to find a wine barrel top to paint on. I was able to find a reasonably priced one from this site.

The second piece of inspiration I found was the sign below from this Etsy shop and thought it was cool but too small. Also I wanted to personalize it. I decided to work off of his house patch at the House of Flame, DCFD Engine 11, Truck 6.


Below is the completed project. I’ll have to edit in some pics of the during process. I have to say it looks more rugged in person. The paint was so fresh looking it almost appeared tacky so I sanded down some spots to give it a worn look. I also added a quick coat of stain to fade the paint colors and bring out the wood grain.

I’m happy with it but I wish I would have done a few things differently. Mainly stencil the letters on instead of free hand. It still needs a coat of finish so I might go back and sand some more of the paint off. Especially on the head and “Bad Axe” part. We’ll see. James is proud of it so if he’s happy, I’m happy.




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