Project Junkie

Full disclosure- I am a lunatic when it comes to projects.

Also I have serious ADD. I will be in the midst of one project and I’m already drooling and brainstorming up my next one.

Side note the basement is still not done. I still need to get knobs on the doors and replace hinges. Also put a runner over my beautiful farmhouse stairs. They’re the last pieces of the puzzle and the least exciting so my motivation has been zero. We do however, get our stuff this weekend.

My latest project all started when James and I were watching The Patriot the other day, the one with Mel Gibson.

This guy.

This guy.

If the details of the movie are not at the forefront of your mind, Heath Ledger is patching/repairing an American Flag throughout the movie. Right up until he dies. Real life foreshadowing? Just kidding. But seriously. He dead ‘doe.

Google has let me down. I cannot seem to find a picture of Heath getting his Betsy Ross on. This is the best I can do.

Big no-no Heath, can't let that bad boy touch the . Now we're going to have to burn it. Nice job, commie.

Big nono Heath, can’t let that bad boy touch the ground. Now we’re going to have to burn it. Nice job, commie.

Anyway (see what I mean about that ADD), seeing the rustic version of Old Glory he was repairing had me thinking, that would be a great quilt. Also it would totes match our coffee table.

Armed with no sewing or quilting experience I hit Google. By that evening, I had deemed myself not only an expert, but one ready to tackle this bitch… like today. My main source of inspiration was this site here. I found some other really cool versions but this one called to me.

You're a grand ol' flag.

You’re a grand ol’ flag.

On a whim while my mom and I were out running errands we stopped by Joann’s Fabrics and I selected my colors. I think I ended up with about 2 different patterns of the cream color, 2 yards each and the same for red but 3 different patterns of red. I selected 2 different patterns for blue but only 1/2 yard each.

I promise I have better pics on my camera.

I promise I have better pics on my camera.

The site mentions measurements but after I saw the stripes were about 5 inches wide I just started hacking at the fabric. In my mind, the less measured fabric equals the more random, rustic, and country. And honestly once I started laying it out, it really came together on it’s own. The only other thing I measured was the blue space, which was 32x39in.


One of the few pictures I got before the dogs messed it up.


The top layer came together quickly. It only took about an afternoon with no rush, working sporadically. I still have to sew on the stars but I’m really excited. It’s been tedious but so far an quick and easy project. My mom gave me a quick run-through of her sewing machine (which I had never used before) and once I got going- easy peasy. I hand cut the stars last night (yes all 50) and pinned those on before I went to bed. Tonight will be the arduous task of sewing them on. After that it’s just sewing together the quilt sandwich, the top layer, the batting, and the back. The edges will need to be squared off but other than that- practically a done deal!

Pinned stars- all fiddy.

Pinned stars- all fiddy.

Can’t wait to snuggle up with my firefighter in this. I’ll feel so patriotic.




7 thoughts on “Project Junkie

  1. “I will be in the midst of one project and I’m already drooling and brainstorming up my next one.” – I am this way too! Drives me nuts!!

    • Glad I’m not the only one!
      My boyfriend can’t handle it some days. He doesn’t realize half the time I’m just babbling and dreaming with little intention of getting it done any time soon. It probably doesn’t help that I’m juggling 9 other projects…
      Ah, the ADD life.

    • Thank you for such lovely feedback!
      I don’t have many follows (besides my mom and boyfriend when I shove my posts down their throats for feedback) so it’s nice to have a bit of a fan.

      While we’ve got a thread going I love your photography style- especially the street photography. Working in DC I see tons of moments like what you’ve captured and I find myself nodding along to your posts. You’ve expressed so much with so little words.

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