Infused Vodka

As per usual. I’m way behind on posts.

I’ve been kreating and taking pictures of my kreations. I just haven’t dedicated the time to post about any of them. Damn. Sorry.

First, as my welcome back to myself, I will post about a really great gift idea that was used for my boyfriend’s dad on his birthday. He’s decided to save the manly stuff whiskey for special occasions and settle for vodka as a lower calorie/ sugar option. In support of this I went on a Google spree to figure out what would be a cool idea- something Vodka themed.

I stumbled upon the ice ball molds and made to a mental note to come back to them if I couldn’t decide on anything else but I wasn’t too excited about it. It took me a few hours just stumbling through the web (do people cal it that anymore?) before I finally found inspiration to infuse my own vodka. I try really hard to keep track of where I find my inspirations but unfortunately this was back in March and I Googled so much for recipes and ideas after the original idea I have no way of tracking back and giving that person credit. Whoever you are- great idea, thanks!!

I think the original post mentioned a few flavor ideas to include basil, lemon, and pineapple. I was immediately sold on the pineapple and lemon but was unsure about the acquired taste that may be basil vodka. I Googled different flavor options that would be fitting for the Spring time (many of the suggestions sounded great but would be more appropriate for fall). Without getting too crazy and making a flavor too eclectic I decided to try vanilla! Yay, I’m a genius!!

The morning before James and I headed up north for his dad’s birthday I gathered the supplies. Mason jars, twine, ingredients for the flavors, and chalk board labels. Vodka too of course. The labels as I mentioned were chalk board stick-ons, found in the craft section of our local Walmart. I couldn’t find plain chalk but instead I was able to locate some chalk crayons that worked brilliantly.




The jars were quick and easy to prepare. The most annoying thing was slicing off lemon peel. I ended up with enough vodka and supplies to make some jars to keep at home to try later. The flavors left at home were pineapple, lemon and cucumber, and olive. I recognize the olive infused vodka is just a dirty martini but it sounded like something my dad would enjoy.

I instructed the gift givee to let the jars sit for a few days, flipping them upside down every day until they were ready to drink. Most blogs recommended about a week but that it was okay to open and check. When the vodka has reached flavor you would enjoy, it’s time to enjoy dammit!

The next week we were back up and able to try out my kreation. We shook the flavors up with ice so it would be nice and frosty. The pineapple was great. I know James’ dad Peter really enjoyed that one. I think he killed it pretty quick. The lemon reminded us of Pine Sol but I think that’s just the nature of the game when you give something strong a lemon flavor. After it sat a bit longer I understand James’ mom finished it with a friend and figured out a way to drink it that made it mo’ better. The vanilla… was disgusting. We mixed it with soda. I added some other crap in it to get crafty and make it enjoyable but it just wasn’t for me. Also I remembered something upon trying each one- I hate vodka.


It burns. It hurts. It’s nasty. I like to enjoy my drinks. Vodka is not in this club. Womp womp.

In a nutshell. We threw out the vanilla, demolished the pineapple, and tolerated the lemon.

The vodka on the home front? Ended up giving Peter the Pineapple, tried and failed at the cucumber lemon, and the jar of olvie was empty one morning so somebody enjoyed themselves that night.



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