Real quick great protein packed breakfast recipe.

Stumbled upon this gem of a blog while looking for a recipe for dinner. I’m not sure what keys words I sued that led me here but this immediately became my favorite weekend breakfast. Especially before a run. And by before I mean like an hour or two. I’ve got to digest and give myself enough time to possibly talk myself out of the run. Obviously.


This is the author’s gorgeous food picture. My crusty attempts are posted below. Can I just say, stupidly, how difficult I find it to remember to take pictures in the middle of something? I’m trying. But dammit, especially with cooking, I’m doing shit! I set it up and start snapping away then things start sizzling and making noises and I panic and ditch the camera until the end them I’m like oh yea, I cooked something. I should blog about it.


Anyway. I took her recipe and went a little rouge. Sometimes $100 at the store for fancy ingredients I don’t have just isn’t worth it. I’m talking to you capers. And za’atar. And ingredients to make za’atar. I did my best to substitute. I read that a substitute for sumac, an ingredient in za’atar if you so choose to make your own, is lemon juice. Apparently sumac has a slightly bitter thing going on.



My budget, already-in-your-kitchen friendly recipe was to saute spinach with onion and minced garlic with lemon juice, while boiling 5 minute brown rice, and poaching my egg. Side note, start the rice first as it takes longest, then get the water going for the poached egg. The spinach takes the least amount of time and your egg should only be about 2 minutes. At least, that’s the amount of time I use.

Once the rice was ready, I emptied it into a bowl, covered it with my spinach/onion mixture, added a dollop of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, added the poached egg, and topped with thyme, basil, sea salt, and some Tandoori seasoning. Not sure why the Tandoori but it sounded good and it works. Also the littlest bit of olive oil on the Greek yogurt.

It sounds like an odd combination- it does. But I made my mom try it with me and we loved it. We mashed it all together but the Greek yogurt adds such a wonderfully creamy texture to an already creamy poached egg. The rice is a nice texture break from all the creaminess while the onion adds the right amount of natural sweet to the bitter of the lemon spinach and Greek yogurt. I’m telling you, it’s delicious and totally protein packed. Great way to start the day.

Feel free to test out some other seasonings and please share if you stumble upon something brilliant. You can share if you have a disaster but I probably won’t test out that recipe.



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