Hashtag Carbs

I love bread.

Bread. Bread. Bread. Bread.

Bread. Bread. Bread. Bread.

Know what I love more?

Homemade bread.


Quick background story. James and I are going to Jamaica (mon) with his family in August. So true to momentary inspiration I’ve decided to go HAM on diet and exercise (find me on Instagram to see all my food and Kona pics @kadams08). I mean, Facebook can’t know what I normally look like, right? Gotta get ready for those pics, slim!

Anyway, through the course of my Googling and lunacy I found a post for six pack abs shopping list. Obviously one needs to get rid of processed food (that’s a given and something I should incorporate with or without Jamaica but whatever). While the list states that wheat bread is okay something about Safeway brand wheat bread in the morning made me feel a smidge guilty. Mostly because I know it does not contain simple ingredients.

Basically this is one big excuse for me to bake some bread.

I’ve made some before and have a great recipe for what was referred to as peasant’s bread (see my post here). While the peasant’s bread was delicious I was really looking for a wheat recipe.

If found one that I liked and have already tried it. Honey Wheat. Check out the recipe. 


Okay. So while the bread was delicious and my family demolished it, you can plainly see from the pic above… it deflated.


Whiskey Tango? Amirite!?

Don’t get me wrong, it was still delicious. Just a little lacking in the big fluffy bread department.


I did a ton of Googling to try and find out what I did wrong. Bread is a fucking science and I’ve only made bread 3 times, this being the third time and first recipe that called for kneading. Kneading is another fucking science. A serious skill. I’ve yet to master said skill.

Based on my Googling, lessons learned are: I did not knead long enough. I should have done some research on bread lingo so I could have had a better understanding for what “springy” is.

Excuuuse me

Excuuuse me

Additionally, I think I let it rise too long. Apparently the worse thing you can do is watch the clock. Bread, I’m told, is a visual thing. You have to keep an eye on the bread to see what it’s doing. The factors in your kitchen, or where ever you take your bread to rise, can vary drastically from home to home. I believe I let the first rise go for 40 min and the second rise for an hour thirty. I got excited because the second rise was looking good, coming out from the pan, but once it got in the oven there was no “oven spring” and the great second rise I THOUGHT I had achieved, deflated.



Tips and tricks are, as always, greatly appreciated. I’m going to give it another go soon but first I’m making a loaf of cinnamon something, recipe to be found at Brown Eyed Baker. This will be my first go at one of her recipes but her pictures speak volumes.

I think she’s going to be my new bread recipe go-to.  Wish me lots of rising luck!

Side note: I recognize I started this by saying I’m trying to eat healthy and ended it with saying I’m baking cinnamon raisin bread. The CRB is a gift for James’ family as we are visiting them this weekend for his sisters’ graduation. Yay girls- congrats!!


Can you tell I’ve figured out how to add gifs to my posts? 🙂


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