BumbleBee Tuna

Am I the only one who thinks of this scene when I hear “Bumblebee Tuna”?


So there I was, ruining another loaf of bread when I felt the familiar sensation one gets when one has emerged oneself into a project. Hunger pangs.

Surely you know the feeling. It’s like suddenly you look up and… fuck. I’m starving. There’s no in between. There’s no warning. Just, BOOM! This is the shit that ruins diets.

As I mentioned a post or two ago, firefighter and I are going to Jamaica in August which means it’s crunch time between now and then. Literally. I’m doing crunches like there’s no tomorrow. This also means I’m trying to be extra consciences of what I shovel into my mouth piece. I scan the pantry and fridge to see what I’m working with and whether or not I can whip up anything decent when suddenly, a light bulb lit up.

1 package of Low Sodium Starkist Tuna (even though I named the post Bumblebee Tuna)


2 Tbsp of Nonfat Greek Yogurt (guestimated amount)


3 Tbsp of Sabra Pine Nut Hummus (again, guestimated)


Handful of prepackaged coleslaw mix (without the dressing)


So simple, and so good. I’ve been meaning to try hummus with my tuna for awhile but it always seems like when we have one ingredient, we’re out of the other. Today was the day. I threw the yogurt in on a protein whim and it worked. It took away the graininess that hummus sometimes has and added a really pleasant compliment to the already flavorful hummus. I was just setting out cucumber to chop up to add a but of a crunch when I spotted the packaged cabbage. The idea of not having to add the extra 30 seconds to chop the cucumber was enough of an argument for me to try the cabbage instead.

I mixed the mess up real quick without any added seasoning and was super excited about the taste. There was enough salt in the hummus and, even though it’s low sodium, the tuna. I can’t help but think this would be a fun dish to experiment different hummus flavors with. Like the jalapeno flavor?? Oh yea, nice and spicy.


The possibilities are endless.

I very seriously considered taking a picture but I recognize some things just shouldn’t be photographed. I think on camera, regardless of the skill of the photographer, it would have looked like cat food.


Give the recipe a try. It’s a great real quick lunch or snack option that ended up being just over 200 calories (or so my app says). I know mayonnaise and tuna are hard to separate but this was too good to not recommend.


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