More America

I don’t think I’ve blogged about this yet. This was one of my first, more time consuming DIY projects. Also one of my favorites that receives the most compliments.

Additionally, not sure if I’ve previously mentioned this but James’ parents are British. Like off-the-boat, wonderful accents, read me bedtime stories mum!, British. They’ve also been here for 20+ years and are super American but I feel their British ancestry is a fun, if not important, nod to give. God save the Queen and all that.


That being said, James has the honour (see what I did there) of being the first generation America. Pretty damn cool. My dad was a law enforcement officer, I work for the Federal Government, and James is a firefighter. We’re pretty fucking American. As a couple, we’re like super Americans. Just kidding. But as a stereotypical American, I feel it necessary to decorate using my stars and stripes as a theme. Not aggressively… just gentle, if not subtle, hints of awesome.  Hence the quilt I’ve been working on. Honestly, I just like for our home to be a representation of who we are. I love pictures so our walls are covered with them. I love giving tasteful nods to James’ profession with an antique fire truck here, a pewter Maltese cross there. Of course, James’ bar sign I made him. Tasteful acknowledgments of our culture and who we are.

James’ folks don’t even really decorate with the Union Jack flag. If you toured their home you wouldn’t know they’re originally from London and Liverpool, except of course for the Liverpool game that would likely be on the telly. They fly the American flag out front because that’s what they are, American. They would probably dominate in knowledge of American history over any other American.


I still wanted to work a Union Jack flag into our home. Like I said, a subtle nod. America seems to have a bit of an obsession with Union Jack things so I wanted something a little more special and creative than a pillow or a “Keep calm” poster.  I believe my original inspiration came from a wall hanging on Etsy. Someone had a similar design, half America, half British and I thought, “well wouldn’t that make a badass coffee table”.

I was right.


I have pictures somewhere of the during process so you can see the massive amounts of painters tape used to section off the stripes and lines. They’re on my mom’s phone so I’ll have to come back and update this post but basically it was a tedious process. Mostly because there was no game plan. Lots of trial and error. Just basic acrylic paint used and a stencil for the stars. Recognition of all 50 is kind of important to me. Go HAM or go home. And by home I mean not America because you’ve failed.

Here is most of our basement home minus a few updates. Quite the improvement from before, no? Don’t mind Kona dog, she’s exhausted from watching me clean.



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