Sticky/Cinnamon Buns/Rolls

Sticky buns, sticky rolls, cinnamon buns, cinnamon rolls. Whatever you call them, they are the same delicious thing.


For my birthday during the summer, my folks very generously gave me a Kitchen Aid mixer. Seeing as that I like to bake, I feel portions of it may have been for selfish reasons. Just kidding, I was ecstatic.
In celebration of said Kitchen Aid I’ve had some fun. First, to get my feet wet, James and I made STEAK BURGERS! What originally sold us on this idea was our neighbors. They invited us over for dinner one evening a few months back and provided steak burgers and ice cream both incredibly homemade and done so with their Kitchen Aid. They quickly sold us on both the meat grinder and ice cream maker attachments.


Fast forward a few months and Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and we have a delicious dinner in the making. We picked up a couple pounds of Beef Chuck, a few pounds of Sirloin and went to town.


The attachment worked very well. There’s a bit of a learners curve figuring out the speed at which to feed the thing and how much to stuff in at a time. We ground the meet twice, as per the recommended instructions, mixing in onion, garlic, egg and a few other seasonings.


The result? Best burgers ever. If you make burgers any other way, you’re doing it wrong. I’ve now become a burger snob. That is all.


As a treat to my honey I made Strawberry ice cream as well, one of his favs. It’s a few day process so I wasn’t thinking and I took zero pictures of the process. So take my word for it, it was very good. I need to try some fall flavors. Salted Caramel? Pumpkin and French Vanilla?

I’ve totalllly side tracked myself trying to get caught up with blog posts. We’re here to talk about sticky buns. I forget where I found the recipe. I believe it started on Pinterest, as all great things do.  I was in the mood for something a little special that could still pretend to be a breakfast food.

I found this really great recipe (which I’m going to hunt for to see if  can reproduce). It was a little more involved than the lazy side of me would have liked but seemed well worth the effort. Something I was a little apprehensive about was the recipe called for yeast and a dough rise. We’re familiar with my yeast apprehension. And surprise, I botched it again. The issue this time, the baker commented that about an extra cup of flour would be needed during the kneading process as the dough may be too wet. Instead of waiting to make sure that was the case with my batch, I added it in without question. I dehydrated the dough. I could tell immediately.


I believe the recipe called for about an hour rise. They did pretty well but I have a feeling had I not ruined the dough I would have gotten a better pop. There was some decent over spring but I think they should have been much fluffier.


Overall they were still very good. I debriefed James before I gave him one. “The dough is dehydrated so they’re a little stiff and I think I over cooked them so there’s a crunch on the outside but in the middle they’re pretty good.” He said they were great and asked if I ever just gave people food without a disclaimer. I do not.


They were still good, we dunked the outside crusts in our coffee and tore up the buttery, cinnamon inside. I’d make them again and devour them again.


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