This thing again?

Okay. Despite me running my mouth back in June for my new found patriotism I still have not completed my American Flag quilt. Oops. I have, however, completed the top portion. The stars. The bane of my existence. That thing that I made my bitch a few days ago.

That’s right. After much deliberation and procrastination I have sewn each and every hand cut star (that’s 50 for those of you keeping score at home). I’m not going to lie it looks pretty great. After I finished the last star I proudly draped it across the couch to take pictures, because if it’s not on Facebook it didn’t happen. Kona was all too excited about this cotton-y offering from the human gods and tried to jump on the couch to wrap herself in freedom. I think the dog hair gives it flair.


I have a deep fear of all the stars falling off after the first wash but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. It only took me a few hours (maybe 2?) one afternoon and I have been meaning to get started on the batting and backing sections but I honestly haven’t had the time. I started grad school over the summer which may have foiled my original plans of a world cup timed finish.
I feel like the hard part is over but I also feel like I have no idea what I am talking about. As I previously mentioned, I still have to sew the quilt sandwich. You take your backing layer, your batting (or the cotton-ball like filling) and your top layer and sew them together. It sounds tedious but hopefully it’ll be easier than trying to maneuver the sewing machine over my perfectly symmetrical stars.


And can we take a minute to discuss my awesome sewing skills? I’m kidding, they’re awful. I hopeful the asymmetry and random pieces of thread throughout the quilt will add to the rustic-ness. Also, who is going to criticize the American flag? No one welcome in my (parents’) basement, that’s who!

Hopefully a completed version coming to a blog near you this weekend. Probably not.


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